Top States for Growing Marijuana in the US

Marijuana has become legal in several states across the United States. While the federal government considers marijuana illegal, many states permit its recreational or medical use. Some states even allow cultivation. This means that there are plenty of opportunities to get your hands on some top-quality cannabis. If you’re considering growing marijuana in the US yourself, this guide will help you decide where is best to do so.

Top States for Growing Marijuana in the US

Growing Marijuana in the US: The Different Methods

A lot of people want to grow their own marijuana plants at home. However, before starting, there are a few things you need to know. Firstly, it does not have to be grown indoors – you can also take it outside in a suitable garden and get some results. Secondly, you should choose an appropriate strain. It’s best if you pick one that suits the environment you live in. Finally, the type of hydroponic system you purchase depends on how much space there is. You don’t want to overpay with something too big for your needs…


Top States for Growing Marijuana in the US


California is known as “the Golden State” and for good reason. Aside from being wealthy enough to afford such expensive real estate prices, large industries, as well as being a hub for so many online casinos, it’s also one of the largest economies of the world. As a result, California is often referred to as ‘Silicon Valley’ because of its technology industry. With all these advantages, it’s no wonder why so many people are looking into the possibility of producing their own marijuana.


Colorado is another state that allows marijuana production. In fact, it was the first place in the country to legalize the drug. There are two main reasons why it became popular: 1) it wanted to attract tourists who were interested in the legalization movement; 2) they would generate tax revenues from the sale of pot.


Nevada is yet another state that allows marijuana cultivation. Although it didn’t start until 2014 when its governor signed a bill legalizing medical marijuana, this state already generated $1 billion in annual sales. So, what makes it different compared to other places? For one thing, it only permits indoor growers rather than outdoor ones.


There are actually four different states where residents can legally cultivate marijuana. All of them are located in Arizona. They include Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. Even though most of these are within driving distance, it may be difficult to find someone willing to transport large amounts of product.



To sum up, there are plenty of reasons why people enjoy growing their own marijuana. Regardless of whether you live in a state where this is possible or an area that prohibits possession, always remember that cultivating marijuana plants is a serious matter. Make sure you research thoroughly before purchasing anything.



How Do I Find a State That Permits Growers to Grow Marijuana?

The best state to grow marijuana is Arizona. It is one of the few places where you can legally buy seeds or clones and then place them in your garden space.

Is There Really Any Legalization Going On in Your State?

Yes, if you live in California, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maine, Illinois, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland, Minnesota, Hawaii, New Mexico, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Alaska or Wyoming than you might have legalized marijuana in your state.

Where Can You Buy Seeds?

Most people prefer buying seeds online as they can choose from different strains depending on their preferences. However, you should never buy seeds from dealers who are only looking out for the money as they may provide substandard seeds.