Hulu and Nintendo bring streaming service to the Switch

Doom Being On Nintendo Switch Is Impressive, But You Probably Shouldn't Play It

Doom Being On Nintendo Switch Is Impressive, But You Probably Shouldn't Play It

As part of the week's eShop download announcements, Nintendo has pushed forward the Hulu app, which is available for Switch owners in North America to download right now. The Hulu app is expected to go live along with the rest of the eShop updates later today.

While it's good news in general - let's get Netflix, Amazon and other services on the handheld, please and thanks - it's not super-important for us Australians; Hulu isn't available (technically) in Australia. We used the following test machine to take footage of the PC version and a stock Nintendo Switch for footage of that version of that game. Like phones and tablets, game consoles offer a variety of non-game apps and video streaming services-at least, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 do.

The console is so popular that it could sell more in a year than Wii U sold in its entire lifetime. "This game is all about powerful guns, insane demons, and fast, relentless gameplay, which we think Switch players will really enjoy".

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As distracting as the Switch's odd hyper depth-of-field look can be, it does have one significant advantage over any other version: it's portable. Hulu is now available on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android, and more.

For those interested in using the service, you should start seeing the ability to add it to your Switch starting today. Are you looking forward to more services on the Switch?

It's a shame, because the Switch's hybrid nature makes it an ideal platform for streaming videos. This was why the focus at first was exclusively on Nintendo Switch games. Although the company's largest audience is older Millennials (25-34), the streaming service pulls a higher percentage of young millennial subscribers (18-24) than Netflix and Amazon, and its current strategy seems to be focused on continuing to attract this growing demographic. It is really shaping up to be the flawless travel companion, with the option to play games while in transit and presenting many more entertainment options once in the hotel room.

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