A fake Netflix email wants users' billing information - don't click it

Image Mailguard

Image Mailguard

The latest email scam making the rounds specifically targets Netflix subscribers and is particularly clever, which is to say that it's especially risky.

If you are targeted in this scam or receive any other odd emails from someone you think is pretending to be the streaming network, please let Netflix know via customer service, and they will report this scam to the proper agencies.

Netflix subscribers are the latest targets of a new phishing scam trying to trick users of the streaming service into thinking that accounts are in danger of being suspended.

In other words, if you get a note like this from Netflix, or anyone else, don't just go clicking on any links inside.

The email circulating looks like it's from Netflix, but it's not.

Netflix sends out emails to its subscribers from time to time.

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Do not click on any links or open attachments from emails claiming to be from a trusted organisation, asking you to update or verify your details.

Netflix recommended customers should delete any such email that looks suspicious.

Though the email looks very convincing, on a closer look, it does give away some hints such as odd wording and unwanted request for such sensitive information.

As many as 110 million Netflix subscribers received a scam email from a hacker in an attempt to steal personal data and credit card information.

It warns users their membership will be suspended unless they update their billing information. You can do this by hovering over the sender's name, though some email clients will display the actual address as well. A link will take them to a fake Netflix website where they are asked to log in and enter credit card numbers.

Mailguard, a cloud and web security provider had flagged the email scam last week.

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