Change clocks, check alarms

Turn and Test as Daylight Saving Time Ends

Turn and Test as Daylight Saving Time Ends

Daylight Saving Time comes to an end as of 2 a.m. Sunday when clocks will fall back an hour giving many a much-needed extra hour of sleep.

St. Lawrence County residents are set to turn their clocks back tonight, and the Firemen's Association of NY is urging people to check their smoke alarm batteries.

Daylight saving time ends this weekend.

Forgerson also said if a smoke detector is more than 10 years old, the owner should consider replacing it with a new detector with a 10 year battery so they wouldn't have to worry about a low battery alarm.

By now, you have hopefully already turned your clocks back an hour.

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Smoke detectors usually only have a lifespan of ten years.

Fire officials said having a working smoke detector increases survival rates during a fire by 50 percent. Dead batteries caused almost a quarter of smoke alarm failures.

Remember if you rent it is your landlord's responsibility to provide working alarms, but it is your responsibility to ensure those alarms have working batteries.

Batteries are removed due to a "chirping sound", which actually indicates the battery needs to be replaced!

Each of these reasons is easily remedied by either simply replacing the battery or the device. FASNY recommends cleaning all alarms to remove any debris that might impede their function and to test the batteries, changing them as necessary. "Ten years is the max limit on most types of smoke alarms, smoke detectors", Kitchen added.

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