Google Will Now Focus On Making Search Results More Local

Google no longer lets you change domains to search different countries

Google no longer lets you change domains to search different countries

"If for some reason you don't see the right country when you're browsing, you can still go into settings and select the correct country service you want to receive".

This change will shadow all the platforms - Desktop, web, app and mobile web.

With this new Google Search and Maps update, the company is expecting that all users' experience with the services will be much improved. This won't change if you try to make a Google search from or

Country services used to be distinguished by the country code top-level domain names (ccTLD) such as for France or for England. "By default, you'll now automatically be served the appropriate country service without seeing a change in Google's ccTLD", the report said on Friday. You'll know the location Google recognizes by looking at the lower left-hand corner of the page, as you can see above.

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The tech-giant has further stated that since, one in every five searches is related to a location on Google it was inescapable for them to take this step to ensure that the users get the most relevant results based on their location without any hassle.

Google also says that the change will not impact some of the legal requirements countries have under national law. For example, residents of Russia if in the address bar of a search engine write google domain, it would still appear the Russian website and news.

On the Settings page, look for the heading that says Region for Search Results. Now, your location will determine the kind of search results you'll get - you could go to, for instance, but if you're in Australia, you'll still get results tailored to your current location.

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