Chrome Cleanup Tool only Prevents Software Unwanted by Google

Google Chrome now has a built-in anti-virus for Windows

Google Chrome now has a built-in anti-virus for Windows

Well, this is the third security feature Google added, and this is the integration of ESET's detection engine with Chrome's sandbox technology.

The browser can now determine whether without the knowledge of the user changed its settings, and offer to revert to the previous version.

The new security features for Chrome on Windows are an addition to existing defenses, such as Safe Browsing warnings for pages known to deliver malware. It is now simpler to use, and more powerful.

Google is keen to point out that Chrome Cleanup is by no means a replacement for security software on Windows as it is only targeted at software breaking Google's unwanted software policy. This typically occurs when users download and install browser extensions for Chrome.

However, even with sandboxing, automatic updates, and Safe Browsing technology, unwanted software still manages to find a way on to our PCs using Chrome.

As for the antivirus, it will prompt you to delete any suspicious or unwanted program.

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Chrome already has some tools in place to help users avoid unwanted software.

When Google Chrome detects a setting has been modified without the user's permission, a pop-up window will appear informing the user that their settings have been altered.

According to ESET, the service acts as a monitoring tool that warns users of potential threats and proposed removal options when it encounters unwanted software.

The new Google Cleanup has begun rolling out to users of the Windows build now, says Rivard, with other platforms to follow in due course.

Chrome 62 for Android and iOS should be following in the next few days and if developers are back on track after Google's hardware launch, Chrome OS 62 should arrive in the last days of the month. Google is not positioning it as a "general-purpose antivirus".

"Speed of the scan and minimal performance impact is crucial hence only the most necessary parts of the scanning engine are included, resulting in a pretty tiny product".

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