Indian court bans firecracker sales in Delhi ahead of peak pollution season

Supreme Court order on firecracker ban expected Monday

Supreme Court order on firecracker ban expected Monday

Last year, the Supreme Court stopped the sale of fireworks in and around New Delhi after a slew of petitions flagged the alarming rise in pollution levels after Diwali.

Justice A.K. Sikri said today: 'Let's try out at least one Diwali without firecrackers'.

Supreme Court has banned the sale of firecrackers in Delhi-NCR till October 31.

Later, on 12 September the court had lifted its ban and had allowed the sale of firecrackers temporarily.

Even as the sale of firecrackers during Diwali has increasingly becomes an undesirable element, many cricketers have also come up in support and urged fans to celebrate a pollution-free Diwali this year. Many traders those dealing in crackers must have purchased their stocks for this Diwali by now and the ban will put them in huge losses. "The court may have taken a judicious decision while keeping in mind the pollution levels". How the order will be implemented in practice remains to be seen, because it does not ban setting off firecrackers - meaning that those who have already procured them can still light them. It directed the Delhi Police to reduce the number of temporary licences by 50 per cent and cap it at 500.

Others reminded him of the high incidence of respiratory diseases among Delhi's young where many children are born with asthma caused by the pollutants in the air.

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For those who still remember the horror of the week following Diwali in NCR a year ago, the SC order is like an early respite.

Last week, levels of lung-clogging particulate matter known as PM2.5 were 17 times higher than what is deemed safe by the World Health Organisation.

Fireworks contribute to the pollution along with cars and crop-burning in neighbouring states.

In a series of tweets, Bhagat compared the ban on firecrackers to banning Christmas trees on Christmas or goat slaughter on Bakri Eid.

Soon enough, the yearly pro-Diwali arguments and whataboutery split the social media users over the Supreme Court diktat.

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