CT pushes to give Puerto Rico more aid

FEMA Administrator Brock Long briefs reporters at the National Response Coordination Center in FEMA Headquarters Monday

FEMA Administrator Brock Long briefs reporters at the National Response Coordination Center in FEMA Headquarters Monday

But there are limitations, she said Saturday.

This overpowering sense of relief and the need to support relatives on the stricken island appeared to serve as theme to the recent Hispanic Heritage Parade last Sunday, Oct. 1, that annually pays tribute to all of the Hispanic nationalities that share a common home in Hudson County. So, for example, we know we're delivering food to all of the municipalities, and water. On Wednesday, he was in Puerto Rico to assess the horrific damage.

Several weeks after the September 20 Category 4 storm devastated the US territory, only 11.7 percent of the island's electricity consumers have power, and 56.8 percent of Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority customers have potable water, according to FEMA's website tracking the federal response to Hurricane Maria.

When tragedy struck last month in Mexico City and Puerto Rico, Capitol Hill's salsa community came together at Century Ballroom to help those in need. In response to concerns Kaine expressed during the visit about the relatively small size of the aid package the Trump Administration has proposed for Puerto Rico, compared to previous relief packages following Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, DHS officials in Puerto Rico assured Kaine that the recently announced aid request is just designed as an initial step until the island's long-term rebuilding needs can be assessed. He suggested that the federal government use the Army Corps of Engineers to help fix the infrastructure. Many cell towers and power plants are still down, making communication hard. But that doesn't mean it will able to get them in the air anytime soon. Family and friends of those affected by Maria are trying to help those in Puerto Rico. He also attached a video purporting to show, "What the fake news media will not show you in Puerto Rico..."

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"There has been great collaboration with the [Department of Defense], with the federal government, with the state governments", Rossello said on MSNBC Monday. About 88 percent of the island is still without power, the Puerto Rico Energy Authority reported on Saturday. The a Category 4 storm wiped out the island's power grid, flooded roads, crippled communications systems and created shortages of food, water and other supplies, for Puerto Rico's 3.4 million residents. Puerto Rico is vital to the health and wellbeing of all Americans.

"The scale of this natural disaster creates serious national security implications and as such, demands the use of extraordinary measures", the Menendez letter continued. "As a result, in addition to the immediate humanitarian crisis, Puerto Rico is on the verge of a massive liquidity crisis that will intensify in the immediate future".

As thousands of displaced people find themselves homeless, Sens. "But the local support disappears eventually, and that's when they need the extra support".

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