Officials retrace steps of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock

Marilou Danley

Marilou Danley

Investigators also anticipate Danley to shed light on the latest police finding that Paddock had wired $100,000 to an account in the Philippines just days before the Las Vegas carnage.

The final shows of the three-day Route 91 country music festival were in full swing when the gunman struck.

Authorities have been trying to track Paddock's movements in the days and weeks before the deadliest mass shooting in modern us history.

The Philippine police official said authorities in Manila were told that Paddock used identification belonging to Danley, who has an Australian passport, when checking in to the Las Vegas hotel. Police are not aware whether the devices were transmitting - the FBI is investigating their use - but Lombardo told reporters he thinks the shooter might have used them to watch for people approaching his room.

Danley's sisters in Australia said in a TV interview there that they believe she couldn't have known about Paddock's murderous plans, and that he must have sent her away so she wouldn't interfere.

"We found 23 firearms in [the hotel room] Mandalay Bay, and another 19 units in the house in Mesquite", said he. The arsenal "was pretty well hidden", Titus said.

One of Danley's sisters, who asked not to be named, told a CNN affiliate in Australia that Danley did not know where she was going when Paddock, 64, told her to leave the country.

Debris, an exit sign and a room's "do not disturb" sign littered the floor outside the room on the 32nd floor of the hotel on the Vegas Strip. There is a separate bedroom and a living room, which has a bar.

Crime scene photos show a room service cart outside the room, covered with a white cloth and plates.

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The Starbucks supervisor said Danley would quietly say "OK" and retreat behind him. Reportedly, the pictures were taken from the hotel room.

Last year, 49 people were killed by a terrorist in an Orlando, Fla. nightclub. He used 10 suitcases to tote them all to his room.

The family said that they have been receiving death threats due to their connection to Marilou.

Undersheriff Kevin McMahill suggested the attack may have stopped when Paddock was disturbed, shooting a security guard.

"We have sight on the suspect's door. See if he's in here or if he's actually moved somewhere else".

When officers entered the hotel room, they found Paddock dead.

Kupchyan, a 27-year-old law student from Los Angeles, said bullets were raining down on the crowd as she and a horde of others began running in search of a way out of the outdoor venue.

More background information on the shooter is also coming to light.

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