Tesla willing to restore Puerto Rico's electricity system with solar

In addition to a 33.5 kWh battery the new 2017 Ford Focus Electric adds DC fast charging

In addition to a 33.5 kWh battery the new 2017 Ford Focus Electric adds DC fast charging

"It's old electrical grid, which was in bad shape, was devastated", United States president Donald Trump said of Puerto Rico on Twitter after hurricane Maria caused widespread destruction on the island.

"I think he's full of crap", Miller is quoted saying of Elon Musk and the proposed price point of the new Tesla model.

Tesla is considering rebuilding Puerto Rico's storm-damaged power grid with its battery storage and solar energy equipment. "Such a decision would be in the hands of the Puerto Rico government, PUC (Public Utilities Commission), any commercial stakeholders and, most importantly, the people of Puerto Rico". The company made a battery and solar microgrid on an island in the American Samoa and also took on a similar project in Kauai, one of Hawaii's oldest islands.

"Let's talk. Do you want to show the world the power and scalability of your #TeslaTechnologies?". "PR could be that flagship project". Rossello told reporters he expects to have a conversation with the Tesla chief executive officer and said Puerto Rico needs to consider meeting its energy needs with more environmentally friendly technology.

Solar power a clear leader, IEA report finds
While coal is expected to remain the largest source of electricity generation in 2022, its lead over renewables will be halved. By 2022, clean energy will produce much more electricity than gas and inch even closer to closing the gap with coal.

Tesla has already shipped hundreds of its Powerwall battery systems to Puerto Rico and Tesla employees are now busy installing them and training locals how to continue the process. He added Thursday on Twitter that the company could scale up its power-storage technology for an island the size of Puerto Rico. Prior to the hurricane, the island territory of 3.4 million people had $73 billion in outstanding debt. It will now reveal the battery-powered truck on November 16, Musk said.

Musk has previously stepped into other energy crises around the world. So bad, in fact, that restoring power to everyone on the island is expected to take months. Some in Puerto Rico may be in the dark for months as the grid is repaired.

Gov. Rossello responded on Twitter that he would be interested in having a conversation with Musk.

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