Facebook Messenger Lite Debuts in the US, UK, Canada and Ireland

Facebook launches Messenger Lite in US, UK, Canada & Ireland

Facebook launches Messenger Lite in US, UK, Canada & Ireland

Weighing in at just 10MB, Messenger Lite offers the fore Messenger experience without all of the unnecessary bloat. But the missing things in Messenger Lite are the chat heads and video calling which some users might find useful. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Messenger Lite Android app is now expanding to the UK, US, Canada and Ireland after being available in 100 less developed countries since October 2016. Facebook has developed Messenger Lite specifically for this problem Android . While both apps have since proven to be very popular, that didn't stop the social media juggernaut from releasing a Lite version of its chat app late a year ago, originally aimed at developing markets and low-end phones.

According to Emojipedia, WhatsApp's new emojis were discovered in the latest Android beta where it seems that for the most part, it has been inspired by the same emojis that Apple uses for its iOS platform.

Now, the new turnout could help Facebook to bring teens back to both traditional and Lite Messenger. In addition to text messages, Messenger Lite still allows stickers and sending pictures and links, and carries the same design as Messenger.

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Messenger Lite will be a valuable tool for users who want to keep their data usage low, as Messenger sheds data-hungry features that can be found in other messaging apps such as Snapchat.

Though it may be harder to monetize Messenger Lite users, it's worth it for Facebook since chat is the center of the mobile use case. The app is now available to download from the Google Play store in the UK, Ireland, Canada and the US. If you're travelling overseas on a limited plan, or have restrictions on how much data you can use on your plan here, then moving to the lightweight version of the app can make a huge difference.

WhatsApp also has more than 1 billion users, and many people use both services.

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