NFL Owners Have Research Supporting Trump's Claims About Ratings Drop

I'm A Veteran, And I Stand Up For The Right To Take A Knee

I'm A Veteran, And I Stand Up For The Right To Take A Knee

Trump on the other hand, called the act of kneeling before the anthem "big progress".

Despite President Trump's urgings, however, both the Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints continued the protest on Sunday at their game in London.

As the day went on, many teams followed this course of action, with various players choosing to continue their own protests. A week ago, coaches, support staff and even some owners joined team members in silent support by kneeling, linking arms or staying off the field during the anthem. He fired off a tweet on Saturday in hopes that more players stand during the anthem on Sunday.

It seems Trump couldn't help himself by stoking further controversy around the American football players "taking a knee" in protest over police brutality and racial injustice.

He tweeted Saturday that players should stand on Sunday, saying they should respect the USA flag and country. No player kneeled. Every Jaguars player took a knee before the playing of the national anthem but stood during the song. They are about specific social justice issues. He later shifted to kneeling after speaking with former National Football League player and Green Beret Nate Boyer, who told Kaepernick he felt it would be more respectful than sitting.

Trump tweets about San Juan mayor, kneeling during national anthem, NFL players
Puerto Rico needs more than short-term assistance (although this is also urgent); it needs bipartisan support to rebuild, with an. On Sept. 6, Hurricane Irma passed through northern Puerto Rico, though it did not directly impact the whole island.

But Maher offered a solution and said: 'Let's tell Trump that there are lots of black people kneeling in Puerto Rico, maybe he'll get focused on that'. "Most of the one percenters (those who serve/served in the armed forces), whether they agree with the cause or not acknowledge that right to protest". He added: "I think they are afraid of their players, if you want to know the truth, and I think it's disgraceful".

Dan, who is white, also noted how Trump and his supporters missed the point by making this about the anthem and the flag, perhaps not by accident.

"The owners are clearly united in a sense that the attacks on the game, on the NFL, on the players were unfair and unfounded, and that there was unity among the group", Lockhart said, noting that about two-thirds of the 32 team owners were at league headquarters this week for committee meetings. "I think they made it clear they support our players, but also support our country, the national anthem, the flag-all of the things some have suggested we don't".

"But as I said in my Twitter post, it's bigger than me".

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