Education Secretary DeVos hopes schools 're-examine what they're doing'

A section of Main Street between Elm Avenue and Dayton Drive is closed as part of the Dayton Drive widening project in Fairborn. FILE

A section of Main Street between Elm Avenue and Dayton Drive is closed as part of the Dayton Drive widening project in Fairborn. FILE

As for her advocacy of charter schools and vouchers for parents to send children to private schools, DeVos says it is up to the states to decide such issues.

With the exception of the Hammond Academy of Science and Technology, charter schools generally had fewer 10th-grade students that passed the English and mathematics portion compared to public schools.

Gallagher has encouraged staff to view the visit as an opportunity to showcase their school and education practices involving creativity and critical thinking that can be applied in any school.

As Education Week reports, the national poll, conducted by Hart Research Associates, finds, "Most parents like their public school and want to support teachers, whom they trust more than anyone else to make choices for education".

As of July 2017, the Office for Civil Rights at the Department of Education is investigating 150 sexual violence cases at 133 elementary and secondary schools.

Her announcement was followed by outcry from student survivor groups across the country who see this as an attack on their protections.

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"I think that what has happened historically is that we've set up this competition when we talk about school choice", said Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson after DeVos' visit.

He said he has excelled at the school and plans to major in engineering.

Security was visible at the school and there were two protesters across the street prior to DeVos' arrival. She's visiting schools across the nation that are coming up with new ways to teach and inspire children. She will end the tour at Eastern Hancock High School for its football game and pig roast from 6:10 8:30 p.m.

Ms. DeVos will wrap up her tour of West and Midwest schools in IN on Friday. And the budget President Trump and DeVos have proposed in no way addresses for this chronic shortfall.

In a statement, Indiana Democratic Party chair John Zody criticized DeVos' visit.

But if she devotes the time, she'll gain useful insights into why so many people passionately disagree with her.

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