Chatbot offers legal help to Equifax data breach victims

New lawsuits gestures to customers in Equifax data breach

New lawsuits gestures to customers in Equifax data breach

Equifax said Thursday that 143 million people could be affected by a recent data breach in which cybercriminals stole information including names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and the numbers of some driver's licenses.

People who are anxious about their credit information being compromised and potential identity theft have been urged to contact Equifax as well as rival rating agencies TransUnion and Experian to get their credit frozen, or at the very least, monitored.

Credit monitoring and fraud protection are also good ideas because in addition to all of your personal information, Equifax also failed to protect your credit card information.

"With a freeze in place on your credit file, ID thieves can apply for credit in your name all they want, but they will not succeed in getting new lines of credit in your name because few if any creditors will extend that credit without first being able to gauge how risky it is to loan to you (i.e., view your credit file)", Krebs wrote on his security blog.

A credit freeze locks down your credit report until you give the credit agency permission to "thaw" your credit, or release the data. Hackers or their customers could potentially open credit cards or other forms of credit in someone else's name but change the home addresses on the accounts so that it's hard for us to detect.

Equifax, TransUnionTRU and Experian plc (ADR)EXPGY are three separate credit bureaus, and they all go about the business of collecting and reporting credit worthiness differently.

Washington Post: Equifax finally responds to swirling concerns over consumers' legal rights - "Sharp-eyed social media users have combed through the Equifax data breach site's fine print - and found what they argue is a red flag".

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Like many breached businesses, Equifax is now promising to try harder to make sure that it never again gets breached so badly, begging the question of whether it previously failed to take information security as seriously as it should.

"Let's say you're a Canadian applying for a mortgage in the USA for your cottage..."

"In N.C., it is free to initiate a security freeze if you do it online", said Stein.

Do not contact the three nationwide credit reporting companies individually.

The Federal Trade Commission's website,, also offers information about how to protect yourself against fraud. It's generally recommended that you unlock your credit file a day or so before you know a bank or creditor will be trying to pull your credit report.

Additionally, credit card numbers for about 209,000 people were exposed, as was "personal identifying information" on roughly 182,000 customers involved in credit report disputes.

As Sunderlin explains, any substantial response from Equifax would create "reams of paperwork to deal with just to keep the suit alive, let alone to properly pursue a claim". As a result, the personal information of 78.8 million insured customers was stolen. We have seen so many other big breaches over the last few years (Yahoo!, Target Corp., etc.) that we have become inured to these kinds of incidents, and the attendant masses of potential victims. Several readers said they received error messages there, too, when they tried to get a copy of their report. The company could then charge for the service.

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