Tesla boosts battery capacity of cars to aid drivers fleeing Hurricane Irma

Helping drivers flee Irma, Tesla reportedly issues remote upgrade to boost battery power

Helping drivers flee Irma, Tesla reportedly issues remote upgrade to boost battery power

TESLA owners escaping Hurricane Irma have been given extra electric range thanks to a free wireless SOS update.

Many of Tesla's 2016 Model X and Model S-series vehicles were built with 75 kilowatt-hour batteries that were software-locked down to 60 to 75-kilowatt hours.

Once upon a time, consumers could purchase a Tesla with a 75 kWh battery, which was proprietarily limited to 60 or 70 kWh. Tesla is now doing something similar with its Autopilot technology: all new vehicles have the hardware, but Tesla "unlocks" capabilities using software, if owners want to pay the additional cost.

Tesla drivers who might have been affected by Hurricane Irma have been given a helping hand from the company. For example, Tesla has sold Model S cars rated P60D-the 60 stands for 60kWh of energy storage-that actually have 75kWh batteries. 10, Tesla, the #Electric vehicle company founded by businessman Elon Musk, increased the #Battery Capacity for Tesla users in Florida to help them get to safety.

A Tesla spokesperson confirmed to FLORIDA TODAY certain vehicles in the area were temporarily updated to help with evacuations.

Georgia governor expands state of emergency to include entire state
Right now the ferocious storm is drawing the ocean away from the coast and feeding the storm surge into other areas. Most outages were in Florida Power & Light's service area in the southern and eastern parts of the state.

Some Tesla owners might have felt an advantage over drivers of gasoline-powered cars during the evacuations.

Tesla is able to update cars remotely with new software - just like your smartphone - rather than require you to take your motor into a garage.

After a customer trying to flee the storm contacted the automaker to ask for more power, the company began issuing free over-the-air upgrades to drivers in the state, Eletrek reports.

Now there are 6,502 Superchargers across Tesla's global network of 945 Supercharger Stations.

The hurricane had previously killed 23 people and devastated a series of Caribbean islands.

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