Disney to pull Star Wars and Marvel movies from Netflix

Marvel and Star Wars films will be Disney streaming exclusives

Marvel and Star Wars films will be Disney streaming exclusives

Disney had announced its plans to create a streaming service last month, but Iger said at the time that they were unsure whether the Marvel and "Star Wars" films would be featured on it.

"We're going to launch big and we're going to launch hot", Mr. Iger said of the digital service, speaking at a media-business conference on Thursday.

It will also make four or five original series and three or four "television movies" of the type that now run on its Disney Channel, Mr. Iger added. In 2019, they are going to launch their own streaming service and will be competing directly with Netflix, Hulu and everyone else out there.

Starting in 2017, Netflix became the exclusive subscription streaming home of all new Disney movies.

Disney is to pull all of its movies from Netflix and start its own streaming service in 2019, it has been revealed.

Marvel and Star Wars films will be Disney streaming exclusives

Furthermore, Disney-flix (our name for it) will be producing "4-5 original movies annually", plus Disney Channel will "make 4-5 original series" and "original TV movies" every year, according to a Wall Street Journal reporter who heard Iger's remarks. Everything under the Disney sun will be moving over to the still unnamed streaming site. It will, of course, also offer all the content that it will be pulling from Netflix and other originals.

That said, this could ultimately force fans to chose between Disney and Netflix. Rhimes, the Grey's Anatomy and Scandal creator, has spent more then a decade at Disney's ABC. However, he did mention that the app would include a collection of shorts from the company and over 7,000 episodes of Disney television. There's no word yet on how much it will cost.

Thursday didn't feature only good news for Disney, however.

Fourteen Disney films have grossed more than $1 billion worldwide, including two "Star Wars" releases and four Marvel movies.

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