Merkel heckled twice in one day as she defends refugee policy

Martin Schulz

Martin Schulz

Since 2015, when Merkel introduced her open-door policy, around 1 million asylum-seekers have arrived in Germany, putting a strain on its social welfare system and sparking a rise in anti-migrant sentiment as well as opening deep rifts within German society.

"Unfortunately, it's necessary to reconstruct the bilateral relations due to detention of German nationals in Turkey".

Following the torrid reception performance in an AfD stronghold, Merkel also received a hostile reception at her evening engagement in Brandenburg an der Havel, a German town west of Berlin, where AfD held a rally just ahead of her arrival.

He added that she seemed to "have no plan at all" to deal with the issue of pollution from diesel emissions that exceeds the limits of several cities.

She reminded that Turkey has not yet fulfilled its commitments to the European Union, and most of the 3 billion United States dollars directed to Turkey for refugees has been spent on projects that have not been implemented.

The data add to evidence that the eurozone's recovery is broadening.

"I think that we're in a much better position today than we were a year ago, when I was a lot more anxious and I wish Greece every success", Merkel said.

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Summary: Defense Secretary James Mattis will allow now serving transgender troops to remain in the military . When Mattis was asked whether "we're out of diplomatic solutions for North Korea", he said , "No".

Merkel also spoke out the same day in an interview with rival German broadcaster ZDF.

Merkel is set to run for a fourth consecutive term heading the German executive in the upcoming federal elections scheduled for September 24.

"We say clearly: no coalition with the AfD and no coalition with the Left", Merkel said, underscoring her party's standard line on potential future governing alliances.

She is scheduled to meet in Paris on Monday with her French, Italian and Spanish counterparts, as well as the presidents of Chad, Niger and Libya, for talks on curbing migration.

The sanctions were placed by the European Union against Russian Federation for backing separatists in eastern Ukraine and Merkel told reporters Tuesday there's still a situation there where "Ukraine does not have full sovereignty".

She also raised the prospect of agreeing legal contingents of African migrants who want to study or work in Europe.

Aydan Özoguz has come under fire from the AfD for saying the party's demands for recognition of a "leading German culture" ignore how German historical development, as a collection of kingdoms belatedly unified in 1871, offered little by way of a cultural common denominator beyond the German language.

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