Halo experiences and Steam support are coming for Windows Mixed Reality

HTC Vive

HTC Vive

The device, the Dell Visor, debuts following the release of the developer editions of the HP Windows Mixed Reality headset and the Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset.

Microsoft's Windows Mixed Reality platform is starting to take shape. It's also worth noting that support is what makes these headsets worth it, so choose wisely when purchasing such expensive equipment. Asus noted at its press conference there are controllers for the headset - which appears to be standard practice for this slew of Microsoft headsets - though it didn't reference any bundle or individual pricing.

Microsoft's line of headsets is being manufactured by a variety of hardware partners ranging from Acer to Lenovo and start at $399 for a headset and motion controller bundle.

Microsoft's main goal with their Mixed Reality devices is to make the platform affordable to all.

"Along with our partners, we are committed to making mixed reality affordable", he wrote in today's post. Notably during a 30-minute play session with the headset on a Mixed Reality Ultra-specced PC (with a 1080 GPU no less), it was hard to notice any obvious issues with the headset's lower-quality LCD displays.

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Clunky, tethered headsets and the lack of a "killer app" have dissuaded all but hard-core gaming enthusiasts from buying virtual reality headsets, leading to slashed industry forecasts and lowered prices. As far as the design is concerned, it's quite unique when compared to some of the other Mixed Reality headsets that we've seen so far.

Anyway, the first Windows Mixed Reality headsets will finally arrive for consumers this holiday season, as planned. The current tethered VR headsets require the placement of sensors for tracking so that users get the full experience.

There will be two main branches for devices that support mixed reality headset including Windows Mixed Reality PCs and Windows Mixed Reality Ultra PCs. More interestingly, the regular spec Windows MR platform is capable of running on a cheap computer running integrated graphics, which I also tried. Even though I couldn't see the controllers or my own hands, I could see virtual representations of the controllers in the VR view.

However, some things have changed since Microsoft's price confirmation.

The new controllers operate in a 3-dimensional space including forward/back, up/down, and left/right with sensors in the headset tracking motion. In other words, Microsoft has to prepare for an intense competition.

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