Game of Thrones rolls out AR camera effect on Facebook

The Jets are entering the 2017 season with three quarterbacks Bryce Petty Christian Hackenberg and Josh Mc Cown, who could all see time as the team's starter

The Jets are entering the 2017 season with three quarterbacks Bryce Petty Christian Hackenberg and Josh Mc Cown, who could all see time as the team's starter

Something has been nagging the Game Of Thrones community since that stunning penultimate episode of Game Of Thrones season 7. Because when it comes to the army of the dead, the key to stopping hundreds of thousands of zombies might be cutting off the head of their individual iceman.

In honor of Game of Thrones' season seven finale, Facebook has debuted a feature that lets fans know how to transform themselves into the dreaded Night King.

Our own (joyously, unashamedly crackpot) interpretation of the scene is that, while the "kill the Night King, kill his army" theory may indeed prove to be the case, it'll come complete with its own tragic catch. But when Jon killed a White Walker with Longclaw, his Valyrian steel sword, almost all of the wights nearby also collapsed.

We know flame dragonglass blades and Valyrian steel are the most effective weapons against the undead horde, and it's curious that a bigger deal isn't made of the loadout of the fighters who travel north of the wall to capture a wight. Although, this season has been fond of doing just that, so this might be more plausible than we want. For example have you noticed how the Night King's appearance has changed since Hardhome? Would it also kill the other White Walkers, too? The Night King marked Bran in his vision similarly to how He Who Must Not Be Named marked Harry when he gave him the lightning bolt scar, creating a connection between Bran and the Night King that can likely only be broken by one of their deaths. Bran saw them rising during the time of Aerys II when Westeros was still united, and he tried to get the king to stop them before their army grew. If so, did he then create the other White Walkers the way he turned Craster's son into one?

Of course, they'd still have to overcome the physical protection of the Wall, but they can just break through one of its many tunnels. At the moment, the Night King feels like he's on top of the world, and anyone could fall prey to his wintry magic. We are going off the idea that the first White Walker is the Night King (until the series tells us differently). Could we expect him to have powers over his fellow ice monsters if he became one of them much later?

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If when the dead finally get to the Wall we see a wight or White Walker touch it and explode, this is what we'll expect to happen. If the life of an individual White Walker determines the existence of individual wights, might the life of the Night King determine the existence of White Walkers?

When you've been showing your audience a 900-foot magical wall of ice for seven seasons, all while constantly talking about an army of the dead marching on it, that thing has to come down eventually. We know, insane right?

It states: "Of all the queer and fabulous denizens of the Shivering Sea, however, the greatest are the ice dragons". You should not be able to defeat magic by loophole. George R.R. Martin has said the ending will be bittersweet, and Jon killing Bran to end the war would certainly be that.

So rather than ask whether Bran is The Night King, maybe we should be asking a different question: Is Bran Harry Potter? "Kill him", Beric says.

It's a possibility that didn't exist before Sunday night. Not when he can really handle a javelin.

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