Trump Says US Will "Probably" End Up Terminating NAFTA

NAFTA Round One: Gordon Johnson Weighs In On Free Trade's Effects On Steel, Manufacturing

NAFTA Round One: Gordon Johnson Weighs In On Free Trade's Effects On Steel, Manufacturing

President Trump on August 22 said he does not believe the North American Free Trade Agreement can be successfully renegotiated, predicting the USA eventually will "terminate" the deal. The first round of talks began last week, continued through the weekend, and featured the attendance and heavy involvement of Canada's Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland. But the words are unlikely to help the atmosphere at the negotiations, whose future rounds are due to take place in Mexico and Canada in the coming months.

"We come today to show our unity", Duvall said.

Trump has long called the 1994 treaty a bad deal that hurt American workers, saying it should be renegotiated or ended.

"Navistar recently began to export used heavy-duty trucks to Mexico and we intend to increase quantities in the years ahead", Jim Spangler, vice president of corporate affairs for Navistar, said in a letter to the USA trade representative.

The farm leaders agreed that even though NAFTA has been largely positive for North American agriculture as a whole, there remains room for improvement. You can't get there if your start unraveling trade agreements. But they have defended the pact, which eliminated most barriers on trade between the countries, as an economic success story.

He said expanding foreign companies' procurement rights to state- and local-level contracts is always complicated and it's especially the case now, he said, in a political climate marked by a so-called "America First" presidency.

Ahead of the talks last week, the USA stressed that negotiations wouldn't just bring about tweaks to the deal, but a much more major overhaul.

Donald Trump says his administration will probably terminate NAFTA
Donald Trump says his administration will probably terminate NAFTA

"Personally, I don't think we can make a deal because we have been so badly taken advantage of", Trump said during the Arizona rally. With producers facing low commodity prices and other challenges, we can not afford to cause further harm by negating the gains made under NAFTA.

The industry immediately shot back through Matt Blunt, president of the American Automotive Policy Council, saying that "We certainly think a USA -specific requirement would greatly complicate the ability of companies, particularly small- and medium-size enterprises, to take advantage of the benefits of NAFTA".

"NAFTA has been incredibly successful for our industry", said Jennifer Myers, a spokesperson for the National Corn Growers Association.

Ostlie added: "It's easy to say we're going to improve NAFTA".

Ujczo suspects American NAFTA negotiators now have an easy argument to make: that they just can't discuss procurement while the domestic process is ongoing.

The 9 million jobs figure was echoed by Canadian officials, who said in a prepared statement Wednesday that they plan to continue working with "partners at all levels in the United States to promote Canada-U.S. trade, which support millions of jobs across the continent". Mexico has presidential elections next July, and the US holds congressional elections next November. "There's no need to abandon an agreement that has led to increased trade and relationships, but we would all benefit from an update".

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