Nintendo Switch-exclusive Mario and Metroid Battle-Cars revealed for Rocket League

They're OK but

They're OK but

Delivering on that promise, the developer showed off the upcoming cars for the first time today with a new trailer, seen above.

Nintendo Switch Battle-Cars will be available exclusively for Switch owners without additional cost and you can unlock them for bonus style points. Both cars have a Super Star boost that leaves behind a trail of stars.

Rocket League will be getting a boost with Mario, Luigi, and Samus themed vehicle livery. Metroid's Samus Gunship Battle-Car, which comes in two variations based on Samus' Varia Suits, will also get a unique boost called Wave Beam. More details on those later this year!

Rocket League on Switch will also have some exclusive customizations. Members of the Orange team use the Mario and Samus cars seen in the pictures while members of the Blue team will be equipped with Luigi's auto and a different colored Samus suit.

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The news gets even better, all three cars will be free when the game launches on the Switch this holiday season.

The Mario themed cars are actually just one new type of vehicle, and players who use it will alternate between the Mario and Luigi versions, depending on what team they are placed on.

Seriously, pick up Rocket League. This is absolutely the sort of sci-fi auto that we can imagine Samus Aran owning and it even comes complete with a Wave Beam boost trail.

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