Microsoft Teams app for iOS updated with new features

Google Trusted Contacts iOS app goes live: Android version updated

Google Trusted Contacts iOS app goes live: Android version updated

Google has launched its Trusted Contacts location-sharing app for iOS devices, seven moths after it first arrived on Android. You can also proactively share your location in everyday or emergency situations. That means your friends and family can see where you are even if your phone is off or out of battery, while you can also ping your location to friends, whether it's walking home late after a few drinks or from the train on your way into work. If everything is fine, you can deny the request, and your location won't be shared with your trusted contacts.

Notably, the app has also been made available to iOS users who can now install it on Apple devices from App store. However, Google Play is growing faster - it's up 72% since previous year, compared with 52% revenue growth in the App Store - and will become more crucial as Android penetration increases in emerging markets. Enough to tell them where you are at all times - viewable via an app? Whenever you're unable to respond to a request from your trusted contacts, they will receive your last known location automatically within a custom timeframe. One can expand time limit of automatic reply from 5 minutes up to an hour. You can now add people to your "trusted contacts" list by their phone number, and the app sends an SMS to them to connect. Trusted Contacts is just one of the many apps that make location sharing easy. Finally, nine new languages have been added to Trusted Contacts, including Greek, Persian and Urdu, bringing the total up to 25.

Former BBC producer confronts family in foul-mouthed road rage attack
But even his rants couldn't beat the rage displayed by the producer behind many of David Attenborough's BBC shows. Mr Beeley reportedly stated that he had reacted angrily "because people almost lost their lives on the motorway".

Microsoft's chat-centered workspace, Microsoft Teams app on iOS has been updated in the App Store.

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