Sturgeon: Tories plan to "sacrifice" of Scottish economy to win Ukip vote

Sturgeon: Tories plan to

Sturgeon: Tories plan to "sacrifice" of Scottish economy to win Ukip vote

Labour has lost overall control of Glasgow city council for the first time in 40 years, as the party suffered defeats in local elections across the country.

Meeting victorious SNP candidates in Glasgow, where Labour lost overall control of the council for the first time since 1980, Sturgeon told Sky News on Saturday: "Yes, by their standards, the Tories did well - and I take nothing away from them - but they did well entirely at the expense of the Labour party".

But even if everyone who voted independent would have voted SNP in a general election (a highly improbable supposition), that clearly can not account for all of the difference between the two performances.

Councillors Stocks said: "As far I'm concerned we won the election in North Lanarkshire and it is our right to try to form the next administration. To show that we, the Scottish Conservatives, can lead Scotland's fightback against the SNP".

But if voting patterns are similar at the General Election on June 8, a surge in Conservative support could see Ruth Davidson's party oust some SNP MPs from Westminster.

The comment fits with a national Conservative decision to carefully downplay their success, although it appears many inside the party are expectant of a significant win north of the border.

"When I first became active in politics in Glasgow the SNP had one councillor in the city chambers and the joke was the Labour vote was weighed, not counted, in Glasgow".

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn with local candidate Rebecca Long-Bailey after getting off his battlebus as he arrives in Salford for a general election campaign stop. Barrhead, in East Renfrewshire, elected its first Conservative councillor in 25 years, as did Cumnock in East Ayrshire and the Western Isles.

Last week the UK Prime Minister accused the European Union of interfering in the upcoming UK General Elections on 8 June, causing more tensions with the 27 member block and drawing criticism for provoking what some analysts fear could be a "no deal Brexit" situation.

Over one in ten votes on Thursday were cast for independent candidates - in the Highlands and the Islands in particular, council elections are often still genuinely local rather than partisan battles.

The Tories are still on course for a landslide victory at the June 8 general election, despite Prime Minister Theresa May's popularity waning slightly amongst voters. It is pretty clear that Theresa May, on the strength of support in England, is going to win the general election.

"Just because the Scottish Parliamentary voice that you hear on the television says that they want to break up the United Kingdom and that Scotland wants to leave, it doesn't mean that the majority of Scottish people believe that".

Labour has fallen to third place with 147 councillors, down by 59. We have heard all of Ms Sturgeon's lines before - only the SNP will act as a bulwark against the Tories, only a vote for the SNP is a vote for Scotland, and so on.

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