Street artist Banksy tackles Brexit in Dover mural

Graffiti artist Banksy has unveiled a new artwork believed to be a political statement against Brexit

Graffiti artist Banksy has unveiled a new artwork believed to be a political statement against Brexit

The piece appeared on a building on the A20 in Kent overnight.

The graffiti, which can actually sell for more than a million dollars, features the secretive artist's signature silhouettes.

According to the European Union's website, the 12 stars featured on the European flag - and Banksy's latest piece - stand for "the ideals of unity, solidarity and harmony" among the citizens of Europe.

Banksy also posted images of the work on his verified Instagram account.

His latest comes as the United Kingdom heads towards a general election and Britain prepares to leave the EU.

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British voters decided a year ago to leave the 28-nation EU.

The artist's 2015 work of Steve Jobs received worldwide recognition in 2015 after it was created at the Jungle migrant camp in Calais, France. Article 50 the act which signals the process to leave the Union has been triggered and it is expected that Britain will exit the Union by 2019.

Dover is located directly across the channel from Calais, France, where a refugee camp for Syrian immigrants is located, and where Banksy strategically placed a mural in 2015 depicting Apple founder Steve Jobs, whose biological father was Syrian.

Throughout the day Sunday, there was some grumbling over social media whether the mural was actually the work of the notoriously elusive street artist. It also appeared as the holding an early election.

The Bristol-based artist is well known for commenting on politics in his street art.

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