Victim's FitBit Data Plays Part In Husband's Arrest For Her Murder

Richard Dabate right claimed an intruder shot dead his wife Connie left in December 2015

Richard Dabate right claimed an intruder shot dead his wife Connie left in December 2015

Fox 61 reported that police charged Dabate with first degree murder, tampering with evidence, and providing a false statement.

His attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Richard is now out on bail; his next court date is set for April 28th. Connie Dabate, 39, of Ellington, Connecticut was shot to death on December 23, 2015 during what her husband Richard said was a violent home invasion.

But appearances can be deceiving and police will allege Richard "Rick" Dabate was anything but a devoted husband; he wanted his wife dead. He said that an intruder broke into the building and shot her dead.

However, Dabate came unstuck when his wife's Fitbit gave a different account of the events and said her death took place more than an hour before her Fitbit-tracked movements revealed.

Connie Dabate was active on Facebook between 9:40 and 9:46 a.m., posting videos to her page with her iPhone.

Richard and Connie Dabate seemed like the flawless couple.

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A Fitbit fitness tracker. "As the types and sophistication of electronic media from which digital evidence can be gleaned increase, this type of evidence will become an essential part of investigating and prosecuting most crimes", said a 2015 report from the National Institute Justice.

As he was driving to work, he says he received a notification on his phone that someone triggered the alarm back at his house. Dabate also claimed the intruder stabbed him with a boxcutter.

Richard told investigators his life was "like a frickin' soap opera" when they discovered early in the investigation that he had a pregnant mistress and had been discussing divorce options with his wife. And police said there were no signs of the struggle Dabate said had occurred. Richard told the authorities that he heard one muffled gunshot coming from the basement and the masked robber vanishing into thin air.

Dabate claimed he managed to turn the torch and burn the attacker's mask, at which point the attacker grabbed his face in pain and left the house, already having obtained the husband's card and PIN.

A panic alarm was hit at 10.11am - the only time alarms sounded at the home.

An extensive arrest warrant suggest inconsistencies in his story, including Fitbit data that shows Connie Dabate was logging steps after the time Richard alleged the murder to have happened.

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