DJI Goggles let you control your drone by moving your head

DJI Goggles review

DJI Goggles review

Importantly, if linked to a DJI drone you can also control the camera from the goggles by simply looking around.

"DJI pilots deserve a first-person viewing experience with the same quality, power, and performance they have come to expect from our aerial platforms".

Compatible with the company's Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 series drones, DJI's most popular consumer-facing UAVs, the headset features two 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution displays. Back in Las Vegas, they made an announcement about this joint-ventured product from DJI-Hasselblad.

Chinese drone-maker DJI announced on Friday, April 21, that IT equipment distributor MSI-ECS will be their official distributor in the Philippines. Share the fun of immersive flying with friends by giving them a bird's eye view of the world as you pilot their experience. Turning your head is like moving the control sticks. We now know that isn't the case, with listings for standalone Goggles appearing on DJI's website. And as mentioned, utilizing the Head Tracking feature, users can control the yaw of the drone - turning their head left turns the aircraft left, turning it right results in a right-hand turn, and straightening their head stops the turn. The DJI Goggles allow the operator to flick between third person view and FPV in a matter of seconds. A leaked video of the drone also showed that it can be hand-held and has a vertical tilting camera.

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The DJI M600 Pro consists of an adaptable six-rotor flight platform with the Lightbridge 2 transmission system, a dust-proof propulsion system and six Intelligent Flight Batteries.

The fully-charged goggles last for a maximum of six hours, which should cover even the longest drone flying sessions.

It may also have brushless motors like the DJI Mavic Pro. That partnership led to a new bundle combining a Hasselblad A5D camera and DJI M600 drone in July of 2016. It is set to start shipping in late May.

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