GOP bill shifts NY Medicaid costs; Dems call 'Buffalo Bribe'

"This amendment will stop Albany from forcing its unfunded mandate down the throats of taxpayers, and help counties lower the property tax burden on hardworking families", Collins said.

The Medicaid Local Share Limitation proposal - also known as the Collins-Faso amendment - would remove the obligation of the state's counties to pay for the cost of Medicaid. But Cuomo says the spending cut would jeopardize health care for hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers and force hospitals and nursing homes to close their doors, leading to thousands of lost jobs.

The Republican plan will leave 2.7 million New Yorkers without healthcare and cut $4.7 billion from the state's Medicaid budget. "It is definitely a step in the right direction and I commend you for your forthright efforts to get it enacted", Kinowski said in his statement. "Cuomo's continual dumping of Medicaid costs onto our counties reveals this administration's ignorance of the costs hard-working New Yorkers bear every day". The measure would not apply to any other state. Christopher C. Collins, R-Lancaster, and John Faso, R-Kinderhook, for getting the amendment included in the final bill.

Faso said counties in the 19th District paid more than $224 million in property taxes to support the Medicaid payment in 2015.

Some experts say the proposal could lead to lower local property taxes.

Some counties are dedicating almost 70 percent of their tax dollars toward the portion of Medicaid they are forced to fund. But the counties that point to Medicaid as sucking up almost all of property tax revenue shouldn't get to hand off that bill to the state but keep the taxing status quo.

"The reality is that this measure would blow a $2.3 billion hole in the NY state budget", said Heastie, D-Bronx.

The state's fiscal year starts April 1, and Cuomo and lawmakers are negotiating a final spending plan.

The provision would help mostly Republican-controlled counties around the state that have struggled to subsidize health care for the poor under the federal-state program that provides coverage for millions of Americans.

Cuomo, continuing his criticism of the amendemnt, said in a press release late Thursday that Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass., in remarks to the House Rules Committee, said the proposed amendment is "an unconstitional violation of equal sovereignty enjoyed by states".

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Collins said the NY measure differs from the Nebraska plan pushed by Democrats, because those efforts were created to steer more federal funding to Nebraska.

As the House vote on the American Health Care Act, goes into its second day, federal, state and local officials remain spilt on an amendment to the bill that would change how NY collects its Medicaid dollars.

Here's how it works: Ditch New York's Medicaid mandate starting in 2020.

"This legislation, if enacted, will simultaneously reduce county property taxes by 50 percent and unleash an unprecedented economic revival all across NY state". Under a state law that caps local costs, the counties Collins and Faso represent pay about 13 percent, Cuomo said.

"This is the ultimate of government consolidation if you will", Faso said on WGDJ-AM (1300) in Albany. The other two Democratic county executives, Broome County's Jason Garnar, and Suffolk's Steve Bellone, whose county past year had to pay $242 million for its Medicaid share, declined comment.

"Life has options, and the hard reality is that Collins and Faso are leaving NY state with only two unacceptable choices". "It's all the same taxpayers".

"That two congressmen from New York could support an amendment that doubles the adverse impact of an already bad bill is unconscionable", said Kenneth Raske, president of the Greater New York Hospital Association.

Counties, including New York City, pay $7.5 billion a year for Medicaid - while the rest of the nation's counties that also pay for Medicaid contribute a combined $2.2 billion.

Sixteen other counties, including Albany, Warren and Hamilton, would lose more in revenue than they would gain in Medicaid savings, according to the analysis.

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