The Walking Dead's Negan War Will Probably Take Another Full Year

Arriving in style Lauren and her castmates were lucky to have LA Times veteran Greg Braxton there to lead the discussion

Arriving in style Lauren and her castmates were lucky to have LA Times veteran Greg Braxton there to lead the discussion

"And though it promises more - because there is a whole lot to get to - there is an ending". Fortunately, that's the only thing that's really wrong about this week's episode. "The most impressive thing is that he's this terrible person doing disgusting things to characters you love but he had this spark that's engaging".

The bulk of the episode is structured around Sasha and Rosita, who embark on their long-teased mission to assassinate the baseball bat-swinging maniac. Sasha and Rosita's actions won't thwart the war effort before it happens, but they're going to force it to happen before Rick's ready. They're both archetypes. It's just that Negan ain't such a nice guy.

"How about [in the] last shot, whoever's there, we get to the coast, you pan out, and you see all these ships blockading [the coastline], in which you find out that it's just America" that has been infected.

Though it's the first mention of his sexuality on the show, it's hardly a proper "coming out". Maggie and Daryl were forced to hide to stay alive.

Christian Serratos, who was also on the aftershow and plays Rosita, chimed in to say it's also been on her mind. "I think Norman would probably love to do it the most", said Tom Payne, who plays Jesus.

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If only Gregory exhibited a fraction of her wisdom.

Simon and company, as it turns out, want Hilltop's doctor, who is apparently the brother of the one Negan rammed into the furnace. Kudos to the show for not going the easy route and making Gregory entirely unsympathetic. Gregory is afraid of the possible repercussions that come with taking on Negan and the Saviors so he decides to try to cooperate with them.

IGN: After opening with Negan's brutal murders, this season has been about how people respond to what is, in many ways, an incarnation of evil. Tara (Alanna Masterson), Alisha (Juliana Harkavy), Aaron (Ross Marquand), Eric (Jordan Woods-Robinson) and Denise (Meritt Wever) are the show's other gay characters.

Rosita is going after Negan, whether Sasha goes with her or not, but Sasha takes the opportunity to go with her as a way to maintain the situation, focuses on the slightest possibility to remain safe.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15 spoilers indicate that the next episode would bring all the pieces in place and set the wheels in motion for the final war. Because he was one of the good things, too. That's what Glenn thought. Series bosses made a decision to leave things on a cliffhanger, to ensure fans would return to the show for its Season 7 premiere. Unless, God forbid, he really has gone full Negan. "Do you really think we're going to be anxious about things like that?"

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