Seton Hall-Arkansas ends in controversy after flagrant foul call

Seton Hall-Arkansas ends in controversy after flagrant foul call

Seton Hall-Arkansas ends in controversy after flagrant foul call

The Big East, sporting reigning national champion and overall NCAA Tournament top seed Villanova that only beat Seton Hall, 53-50 during last week's Big East Tournament, tends to be more of a grind it out league. He doesn't, in general, have a turnover problem, and he could've made the pass he made without walking.

After the Pirates relinquished possession with 24.6 seconds remaining in the contest, their one-point deficit caused them to have to foul the Razorbacks. Angel Delgado, the country's leading rebounder, led the way with 13. Flagrants are for cheap shots, not for fouls committed in this light. The referees reviewed the play and determined it should be a Flagrant 1, which gave Arkansas two shots and the ball.

"Seton hall played up to the last 2 minutes, but let Arkansas take over because of errors", said Alan Wofley, also watching the game at St. James's Gate.

The player of the game is without a doubt Moses Kingsley. Even if he were to make both, Seton Hall would have been positioned to take the ball down three with 18 seconds left.

NCAA Tournament South Region predictions: North Carolina or bust
How in the world is Wisconsin an eight seed and Minnesota a five seed? And it was a bigger challenge than most expected. Villanova's Josh Hart may be a player of the year candidate, but he was not an elite recruit coming out of high school.

"I could have gone 0 for 8 from the field and the free-throw line, but as long as we won, that's all that matters".

Turner analyst Chris Webber, on the game broadcast, made the case that it was wrong to call a foul like that at that point in the game. There's a fair case both ways. That's a flagrant 1.

F-Dustin Thomas, 6-8, Jr., 5.2 pts., 3.8 rebs. Causing excessive contact with an opponent; 2. He praised the officiating crew of Doug Sirmons, David Hall and Mike Nance, but he said it was disappointing to see the call made under the circumstances. Rodriguez was moving quickly, and Barford did go down hard. While Barford stumbled after Rodriguez's foot inadvertently tripped him, it was far from an egregious action. That's sports. Barford might have dramatized his fall, and that's sports, too. But he was taking some heat for that awful first half against Kentucky and ended the game with the flagrant foul on De'Aaron Fox that led to so much criticism, you have to give him extra credit for this performance. Oh, and if a foul doesn't appear to be flagrant in real time, refs need to stop using the TV monitor because the fouls always will look more heinous in slow motion. "And that makes a really hard situation". But they only play seven or guys so those guys are playing a lot of minutes. It's important to note that according to NCAA rules, a player must be making an attempt at going for the ball when fouling, or else it's considered an intentional, flagrant foul. "He's got that athletic ability, and we trust him in the open court with the ball".

The flagrant call delves into murky territory. Seton Hall didn't have a stop for him.

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