French Candidate Macron Hails Election Defeat of Dutch Far Right



The highly controversial National Front leader, who has been forced to deny her party is racist, said France and Britain should have "excellent relations" if she wins in the spring and becomes president.

Le Pen, however, admitted that she had not actually asked for such a meeting.

Le Pen also avoided the prospect of answering questions on the allegations that her party siphoned off money from Brussels to fund party expenses in France.

Marine Le Pen, who firmly believes she is on course to become the next French president, praised the UK's "honourable" Brexit voters who freed Britain from a "huge prison".

The former Ukip leader interviewed the French presidential hopeful for radio station LBC in a chat which covered Theresa May and Brexit. It means having demands with regards to people living on your territory.

'I see no reason why there should be customs duties between our countries, ' she said. He said Downing Street had not wanted to engage with Trump until after he was elected. We are old allies and economically speaking as well, we have a great many exchanges to implement.

Munde slams Fadnavis over loan waiver remark; din in Council
Both Houses of the state legislature were adjourned for the day as opposition parties demanded an immediate waiver. He said that if loan waiver is announced, the Government will have no money for investment in agriculture sector.

Ms Le Pen has promised to attempt to radically renegotiate France's relationship with the European Union if she becomes president and then hold a referendum on its membership, with signs pointing to a potential "Frexit" if she wins. She also insisted that no British immigrants living in France would face persecution, though she said that French people would have priority when it came to jobs.

The National Front leader said May was "inconsistent" for accepting pro-EU Macron "a key sales person of globalisation and mass immigration... because these are the opposite of what Brexit stands for and the choice made by the British people". "After Brexit, nothing will happen to French citizens living in Great Britain and nothing will happen to British citizens living in homes in France".

"I do not understand this inconsistency, this contradiction".

In an interview with the former Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, the Front National leader, who leads opinion polls in the French presidential election campaign, said the United Kingdom had found the "keys to the jail" represented by the EU.

Polls suggest that Macron, 39, an independent, will make it through the election's April 23 first round before comfortably beating the National Front's Le Pen in the runoff on May 7.

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