Keystone Pipeline Reportedly Exempt From 'Buy American' Policy

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Not Released

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said on Friday that the language used in the presidential memorandum regarding the pipeline's construction does not apply to Trump's pledge to use US steel, according to the Associated Press.

"The way that the Executive Order is written is actually. specific to new pipelines or those that are being repaired", the spokeswoman said.

"And since this one is already now under construction, the steel is already literally sitting there, it would be hard to go back". I guess American steel mills will benefit from Trump's executive orders as much as coal workers will.

But Trump signed another order that said his commerce secretary would draw up plans to use American steel in pipeline projects wherever possible, and wherever permitted by law.

The remarks from the spokeswoman contradict comments Trump made to U.S. Steel (X) President and CEO Mario Longhi last month. "I said from the beginning that the pipeline needs to be build with the safest of standards and it needs to be built respecting private property rights", said Tester in a statement.

TransCanada said Friday half of the pipe will come from the Arkansas plant of India-based steelmaker, Welspun.

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The message here is clear: the POTUS will say whatever he wants on a national stage, but when it comes time to meet with birds of his same feather, they will get what they want every time.

"If Buy American suddenly becomes injected into that, or border taxes or whatever, we could really disrupt the trade relationships and jobs on both sides of the border".

In weeks after issuing the order, Trump said in speeches and in meetings, including one with manufacturing CEOs, that Keystone would be required to use USA steel.

TransCanada said late Friday it has already has purchase agreements for the steel pipe it will use on Keystone. Another 10% will come from a Welspun plant in India, the rest will be imported from Canada and Italy.

Throughout your campaign, your pledge to make America great again resonated across Montana and rural America because so many of us agree we need to create more jobs and bring manufacturing back to our nation.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's office says that "if confirmed", the exemption would be a welcome recognition that the Canada and USA steel industries are deeply integrated and support jobs on both sides of the border.

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