Photos of a Young Justin Trudeau Has the Internet in a Tizzy

Trudeau and Trump meet in Washington on Feb. 13

Trudeau and Trump meet in Washington on Feb. 13

While the PM's charm hasn't been lost on the Internet, the new photos have given Twitter a whole new kind of ammo to show their love for Trudeau in his younger years. Lately, photos of political leaders during their youth have been getting the public shook.

"When I see stuff like this I'm torn between admiring Justin Trudeau's looks and not being a hypocritical feminist", one user wrote.

We have a feeling his approval rating are higher than ever.

"OK, I'm sold! I so wanna move to Canada!"

Young Joe Biden is really the best example for this. These photos prove young Justin Trudeau is who you should be hitting with a 1:37am "u up?" It turns out social media and Trudeau are like bacon and eggs.

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And not only women have fallen for Trudeau's charms.

"I've discovered the solution to world peace, and it is Justin Trudeau's butt", said another.

"Young Justin Trudeau is here to stand you up at prom and break your heart". There are songs. This new surge of flirtatious tweets just fuels the Trudeau fire.

"Now accepting reservations to talk about young Justin Trudeau anytime anywhere 24/7 please".

The style choices aren't always great, but be honest: you had a crush on someone who looked like this in the '90s. "The Internet is rightfully losing its collective mind over these shots of JT from back in the day when shirts and sleeves were optional". Mr Trudeau married Sophie Grégoire Trudeau in 2005, and they have three children.

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