'LEGO Batman Movie' Director To Helm A Live-action Movie Featuring Nightwing

Man of Steel

Man of Steel

Warner Bros. has chose to also release that a live action Nightwing movie is officially in development, The LEGO Batman Movie director, Chris McKay is in talks to direct. Considering how closely connected the character is to Batman and the fact that McKay is fresh from directing animated spin-off The Lego Batman Movie, he certainly seems like a good fit.

However, writing for The Mary Sue, Vivian Kane points out that "the audience is at no point supposed to believe that Bruce Wayne and Batman adopted Robin together...but Dick does, and he repeatedly, casually refer to his 'two dads, ' without it ever feeling like a joke at the expense of gay relationships".

While the character of Robin has yet to officially appear in the DC Extended Universe, a Joker-graffitied Robin suit was shown in 'Batman v. Superman.' However, the suit that was shown alluded to the Jason Todd incarnation of the Robin.

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The franchise connection in LEGO Batman invokes an exciting, nostalgic experience for viewers as they see their favorite childhood superheroes and toys come to life on the big screen.

The leader of Canadian anti-gay activist group Voice of the Family has warned his followers that the LEGO Batman movie is pushing a "gay agenda". That's wishful fanboy thinking for now, but it's a possibility. He inherited the bat-cave and the mantle of Batman from Bruce Wayne and was revealed to be legally named Robin. While the film uses an original plot, it does borrow some elements from Batman's 75 year history, including the origins of Robin and Batgirl and many callbacks to famous times in Batman's history. With DC's latest cold streak for movies, this may be the best DC movie in years.

McKay's involvement should bring a smile to Nightwing fans. Consider this: Affleck's Dark Knight was introduced as a man in his '40s or '50s during the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Long story short: go see this movie. If you're a fan of Batman, especially, this film pulls no punches when it comes to poking jokes at his history, from his more obscure and ridiculous villains from the comics to the over-the-top gags of the 1966 Adam West Batman TV series to the nearly comedic level of darkness Batman has acquired from his more recent cinematic outings. And in the end, "The LEGO Batman Movie" in its detail oriented construction proves there is still room for another superhero movie after all.

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